One Week in Lebanon

23 July 2018 – Lying on the bed in our room and listening to the distinct crackling noise of automatic weapons not too far away, I raised an eyebrow at Oyv. ‘It’s probably just a wedding’ he said. I nodded: it’s true – festively shooting in the air on any given occasion is a thing … More One Week in Lebanon

Plan B

13 June 2018  – I didn’t make a lot of plans before setting off on this trip – in fact I didn’t make any – but I had a lot of ideas. One of them (my ideas, I mean) was to travel up into Russia from Kazakhstan. Visa policies in Central Asia have loosened up … More Plan B

Three Days at the Ends of the Earth, Also Known as Nukus

2 June 2018 – Uzbekistan has another side, a more remote and desolate one, just a bit off the beaten path that runs from one Silk Road settlement to the next. There are some old fortresses – 2000 years old, in fact – in the barren emptiness of ancient Khorezm, a now-historical kingdom that’s not … More Three Days at the Ends of the Earth, Also Known as Nukus

Silk Road Tripping

30 May 2018 – I’d done a lot of hiking and homestays in Kyrgyzstan. That’s one sort of travel. Whenever I thought about travelling onwards to Uzbekistan something completely different came to mind – the Silk Road, that legendary trading route linking the East to the West, along which the world’s great civilisations traded valuables like … More Silk Road Tripping