Me, Myself and India

9 March 2018 – More than a billion people call India home, and it can feel like a pretty crowded and busy place. Travelling by myself I thought, where better to spend some time alone than lost in an anonymous sea of humanity? Sometimes, especially when I’m trying to buy a ticket or board a … More Me, Myself and India

Changing Pace

23 February 2018 – We’ve spent nearly six months of the last two years travelling in Africa – east, west, north, south…you name it. It’s gotten to the point where I can hardly imagine travelling anywhere else. So that’s exactly what I started to do – imagine someplace else, just for a change of pace. … More Changing Pace

Life on Lamu

5 February 2018 – ‘Safari’ is a Swahili word that means journey. So although my sister and I had to leave the Masai Mara after an amazing three days of game driving and camp life (ok…it was ‘glamp life’) – our safari continued. Leaving the Mara was not totally straightforward; when our camp guides dropped … More Life on Lamu

Another Side of Africa

30 January 2018 – I wanted to see another side of Africa – the Africa of green hills and golden savannahs; delicate wispy-branched acacia trees and towering snow capped mountains; exotic animals lurking in long grass or beside parched waterholes; the white sands and turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean coastline. I mean, literally, the … More Another Side of Africa

All Good Things

15 January 2018 – We came back into Ghana from Burkina Faso. If actually crossing the border itself had somehow escaped our notice, we would have immediately known we were in Ghana anyway from the sign over the first shop we passed after the fence: We were back where our whole trip had begun. There … More All Good Things