Until Next Time

23 March 2018 – ‘And that is why I hate foreigners. They never bathe’ Shilpa concluded with a friendly smile. I was on the bus to Karni Mata, a Rat Temple not far from the Rajasthani desert-town of Bikaner, and my closest seatmate had introduced herself and struck up a conversation. Apparently Shilpa’s dislike of … More Until Next Time

Me, Myself and India

9 March 2018 – More than a billion people call India home, and it can feel like a pretty crowded and busy place. Travelling by myself I thought, where better to spend some time alone than lost in an anonymous sea of humanity? Sometimes, especially when I’m trying to buy a ticket or board a … More Me, Myself and India

Changing Pace

23 February 2018 – We’ve spent nearly six months of the last two years travelling in Africa – east, west, north, south…you name it. It’s gotten to the point where I can hardly imagine travelling anywhere else. So that’s exactly what I started to do – imagine someplace else, just for a change of pace. … More Changing Pace