From Cairo to Cape Town

Three months during which we could be found anywhere in between Egypt and South Africa.

All I Want for Christmas is a Visa for Sudan - December 21, 2015 – We’re feeling right at home in beautiful hospitable Egypt now as we sit in the bazaar drinking tea. Smoke from the bubbling hookahs swirling overhead, call to prayer reverberating in every direction from the minarets, we sip our tea and watch the general 24/7 chaos that is daily life in Aswan. … More All I Want for Christmas is a Visa for Sudan
Hello Africa - December 29, 2015 – Christmas miracles do happen. On Dec. 22 as we drifted down the Nile on a felucca (sailboat) we hadn’t gotten very far from Aswan when we saw our friend Ahmed running down the riverbank towards us shouting ‘Your visas are here!’. We scrambled off the boat and into a taxi and … More Hello Africa
Just Ask for Magzoub - January 1, 2016 – We left Wadi Halfa very early in the morning. I got on the bus to find our seats while Oyv loaded our packs. I say ‘find’ our seats because I could not read the Arabic numbers (or anything else) on our tickets so I had to ask around onboard. And I … More Just Ask for Magzoub
The Friendliest Country in One Third of the World - January 4, 2016 – Oyv and I have travelled in about 70 countries now – that’s a little more than one third of all the countries in the world. We’ve seen a lot of amazing things and met a lot of great people. But now we can safely say that the people of Sudan are … More The Friendliest Country in One Third of the World
Behind the Rope - January 10, 2016 – The start date on the Ethiopian visas we’d already applied for and brought from home was approaching, meaning the time had come to leave Sudan. We had mixed feelings. We were looking forward to a new country and the next stage of our journey but sorry to leave Sudan where we’d … More Behind the Rope
T.I.A - January 16, 2016 – Our first order of business in Gondar, Ethiopia, was to organize a trekking expedition into the nearby Simien National Park. This took the better part of a day as we had to speak with at least 5 or 6 different guides of varying authenticity. Gondar is full of would-be guides who … More T.I.A
Getting There is Half the Fun - January 21, 2016 – Don’t like your public transport? …Then don’t try it here. Ethiopia is a big country. The north in particular, is rugged and mountainous. The roads are poor, and distances between towns are long. That’s why most visitors to Ethiopia fly between places like Lalibela and Bahir Dar. But not us. We … More Getting There is Half the Fun
A Shortcut Through ZimZam - February 2, 2016 – We can’t go through it…can’t go around it…so we’ll have to go over it. I’m referring to Kenya, of course. We’d decided it was time to leave Ethiopia and carry on. But the question was, where to? If you look at a map of Africa, you’ll see Ethiopia’s somewhat hostile neighbours: … More A Shortcut Through ZimZam
The Great Stone House - February 8, 2016 – Moving south from Vic Falls, we made our way to Masvingo. Lonely Planet describes Masvingo as ‘an appealing little town to pass a few days in’ but I can’t believe that the author has in fact ever been to Masvingo, unless it was a typo and they meant to say ‘appalling’. … More The Great Stone House
Welcome to Brazil - February 15, 2016 – We were a bit apprehensive about Mozambique. We’d read and heard some bad stuff. Other travelers we’d met along the way (even including a couple we met last year in Myanmar) regaled us with tales of robberies and theft, unsafe beaches and at the very least a lot of dodgy attempts … More Welcome to Brazil
A Trip Within a Trip - February 27, 2016 – Travelling as we do from place to place, you’d think it might be easy to lose track of exactly where we are sometimes. Except that every stage of this trip and each country has been so distinctly different from the last. When we finally came rattling over the border from Mozambique … More A Trip Within a Trip
From Cairo to Cape Town - March 4, 2016 – We set off at the start of December with one-way tickets to Cairo, our backpacks, and a stack of (very heavy) guidebooks. And a bunch of malaria pills and US dollars. We didn’t have return tickets or – God forbid – an itinerary, or even a definite plan as to where … More From Cairo to Cape Town