India It Is

After a lot of recent travel in Africa, I could hardly imagine travelling anywhere else. So that’s exactly what I started to do – imagine someplace else. India it is, I decided.

Changing Pace - 23 February 2018 – We’ve spent nearly six months of the last two years travelling in Africa – east, west, north, south…you name it. It’s gotten to the point where I can hardly imagine travelling anywhere else. So that’s exactly what I started to do – imagine someplace else, just for a change of pace. … More Changing Pace
Going with the Flow - 5 March 2018 – A lot of people go to India on a spiritual quest to find themselves. Not me – I’ve been here twice before and not found a trace of myself in this mayhem. I came to India because I love India, just like that. I love the madness and the weirdness and … More Going with the Flow
Me, Myself and India - 9 March 2018 – More than a billion people call India home, and it can feel like a pretty crowded and busy place. Travelling by myself I thought, where better to spend some time alone than lost in an anonymous sea of humanity? Sometimes, especially when I’m trying to buy a ticket or board a … More Me, Myself and India
Crossing the Wagah Border - 12 March 2018 – India and Pakistan go way back. They were once the same country and part of the British Raj until Partition in 1947, when British rule ended with the government demarcating two new countries according to dominant Hindu and Muslim populations. A lot of violence surrounded Partition, and millions of people were … More Crossing the Wagah Border
Lahore in a Long Weekend - 16 March 2018 – Maybe it’s just me, but popping into Pakistan for a long weekend in Lahore seemed like a perfectly obvious side-trip from India. So I crossed the Wagah border near Amritsar and made my way into yet another foreign city. Exploring my latest new neighborhood I quickly got a feel for just … More Lahore in a Long Weekend
Until Next Time - 23 March 2018 – ‘And that is why I hate foreigners. They never bathe’ Shilpa concluded with a friendly smile. I was on the bus to Karni Mata, a Rat Temple not far from the Rajasthani desert-town of Bikaner, and my closest seatmate had introduced herself and struck up a conversation. Apparently Shilpa’s dislike of … More Until Next Time