West Africa – A Different Kind Of Road Trip

A journey by every form of public transport available, starting in Dakar and ending up in Freetown.

It’s Nice to be Nice - December 18, 2016 – We’d just got home from three months of travel between Cairo and Cape Town, and already knew we wanted to go back to Africa. Soon enough, we were flipping through guidebooks and searching around online, re-evaluating our old West Africa plans. We’d put these on the back burner a few years … More It’s Nice to be Nice
Toubabs on the Road - December 21, 2016 – A day’s travel brought us from Banjul back to Senegal again. We scrambled out of our overcrowded and decrepit sept-place at the overcrowded and decrepit station of sorts just outside Ziguinchor. It was a long day, and our only meal was the hardboiled eggs we’d bought from a woman with a … More Toubabs on the Road
It’s Complicated - December 28, 2016 – We got our first hint of the complications to come at the border crossing from Senegal into Guinea-Bissau. We must have arrived there at lunch time, or maybe during an emergency of some sort in a faraway city. Or maybe there’d been a zombie apocalypse. The border post was deserted, other … More It’s Complicated
Special Interest Holidays - December 30, 2016 – We spent five days in the Bijagos Archipelago relaxing on the beaches, running, and chilling out poolside or in the whirlpool at a gorgeous place we treated ourselves to on Rubane. While we were at it, we fortified ourselves with fabulous three course fish and seafood dinners. One night we saw … More Special Interest Holidays
Africa’s Wild West - January 5, 2017 – There are two ways to get into Sierra Leone: the normal way (if going at all is normal), and the way we went. We knew that the former – flying into Lunghi airport – was not for us. We’d been staying at a strange hotel near Kindia, in Guinea. That hotel … More Africa’s Wild West
Diamond in the Rough - January 15, 2017 – We made a point – it meant a long day in a poda-poda, past checkpoints and short interviews with the police – of going to Koidu. Sierra Leone is rich in diamonds and Koidu is a mining town at the centre of the terrible blood diamond conflict. During the civil war … More Diamond in the Rough