West Africa – Here We Go Again

As it turns out, we just couldn’t get enough the first time around.

Africa For Beginners - December 12, 2017 – As December grew closer we started thinking about our next trip. We tossed around ideas like India, Bangladesh, or Borneo, but every time we talked about where to travel next, we kept coming back to West Africa….and so that’s exactly what we did. Deciding on Africa was simple enough, but the … More Africa For Beginners
Tales From Togo - December 16, 2017 – We’d left Ghana and entered Togo via a tiny, extremely casual border post not far from Amedzofe: We picked up a taxi at the frontier and he drove us through no-man’s land, a twisty road winding like a tunnel through long grass on either side, and after stamping our passports we … More Tales From Togo
A Quick Change Of Plans - December 18, 2017 – It’s amazing how quickly our plans can change when we’re travelling. This morning when we woke up in our cool tiled room in Togo’s sandy seaside capital Lome, we had every intention of eating a lesiurely breakfast and then going to nearby Lac Togo. But instead, not three hours later we … More A Quick Change Of Plans
A Very Voodoo Christmas - December 25, 2017 – For us, every Christmas is different. Last year on December 24th we crossed a remote border from Guinea to Sierra Leone on motorbikes, and bought our Christmas dinner while it was still alive. The year before that we were suddenly in Wadi Halfa, a little frontier town in the otherwise empty … More A Very Voodoo Christmas
Win Some Lose Some - 28 December 2017 – It took us two attempts to get to Cotonou, the biggest city in Benin. We got up early one morning and easily found a share taxi to take us the short distance from Ouidah. We’ve noticed that some of our rides here seem to begin with a fight. Interestingly enough, it’s … More Win Some Lose Some
Borders, Busses and Burkina - January 2, 2018 – We were in the northern reaches of Benin and thinking about our upcoming foray into Burkina Faso. Moving on: it’s not always an easy task, especially when you don’t speak French and until very recently you’ve never heard of the obscure town you are planning to go to in the first … More Borders, Busses and Burkina
West African Crossroads - 10 January 2018 – I have the feeling that Burkina Faso is probably not on a lot of people’s bucketlists. As the bus we were travelling on laboured along from Fada to Ouagadougou (or Ouaga (wagga) as it’s known for short) we stopped at several checkpoints to get out and show our passports to soldiers … More West African Crossroads
All Good Things - 15 January 2018 – We came back into Ghana from Burkina Faso. If actually crossing the border itself had somehow escaped our notice, we would have immediately known we were in Ghana anyway from the sign over the first shop we passed after the fence: We were back where our whole trip had begun. There … More All Good Things